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Health Care Facility Cleaning in Kamloops

Hygiene is important in every facet of our lives if we are going to maintain healthy and happy lives. Nowhere is good hygiene more important than in a health care facility. Whether you operate a hospital, a long-term care unit, a walk-in clinic or an assisted-living residence, the people of Kamloops depend on you to restore their comfort. Of course, this begins with the treatment you administer, but that treatment won’t be effective if you are not taking the necessary measures to disinfect the area.

People are coming in and out of your health care facility all day long, carrying all sorts of different bacteria, viruses and other microbes with them. And even if they use up a whole bottle of hand sanitizer, when you have with weakened immune systems in your care, it doesn’t take much for an infection to spread. And once an infection becomes an outbreak, you can wave goodbye to your professional reputation.

Rather put your patients’ health in jeopardy and risk losing everything you have worked so hard for, take the necessary precaution and invest in health care facility cleaning services provided by the best cleaning company in the Kamloops area, Rkg Cleaning Services Ltd.

Rkg Cleaning Services Ltd. has been proud to provide reliable, affordable and thorough cleaning services for health care facilities in the Kamloops area. We have been able to ascend to the top of our field because meeting the guidelines for health care facility cleaning is not enough for us, we want to exceed them with every job.

How We Keep Your Health Care Facility Clean

Since health care facilities combine both the challenges of high-traffic buildings and areas that are at a high risk for cross-contamination, we make sure that our cleaners have received an extensive amount of training before they ever set foot in your facility. Only when they have demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the best practices do we let them conduct your cleaning.

Some of these best practices include:

  • Use of only approved equipment, products and procedures.
  • Setting and maintaining appropriate cleaning schedules.
  • Continued audits and measurements of cleaning and disinfection.
  • Frequent touch point disinfection.
  • Segregation of equipment in building zones to prevent any potential contamination.
  • Appropriate handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

Quick Response

Health care facilities are often subjected to unexpected messes. A myriad of messes can occur in the course of caring for patients and accommodating staff and visitors. And if they aren’t addressed quickly, it can be the cause of accidents and other health hazards.

As experienced professionals, we know that health care facilities can’t afford to collect messes. So, whenever your health care facilities faces an unexpected mess, you need to know that our crews are only a phone call away. Our reliability is second only to our attention to detail, so don’t hesitate to call us whenever you need us.

Contact Us Today

A health care facility can’t function properly if it’s not receiving the highest quality cleans, which is why you need to call (250) 851-5432 today to get Rkg Cleaning Services Ltd on the case.